About the series


Rachel began shining shoes in Toronto a few years ago because she didn’t like working in restaurants. Right away she saw how it could be a great premise for some sort of show. Bright young things working at the feet of mostly middle aged business men. A meeting of different generations, genders and perspectives on the world. She started writing down the encounters she had at work, and it didn’t take long before the idea for this webseries came into being.

So she called her best friend from high school, Emma, and asked if she would direct and edit the project. Emma said yes.
Then Rachel called Genevieve. Genevieve and Rachel were supposed to be in a play that Genevieve’s theatre company was putting on, but the project was postponed, so Rachel asked Genevieve to come on board her project as Kat, her kooky counterpart at the shine.

From there they called in favours, asked for volunteers and borrowed what they could and assembled an amazing team of friends to help with the shoot and five days later what you see here was in the can.